Reinke’s all-aluminum flatbed trailer was designed with the customer in mind. While reducing the weight of our aluminum trailer to make it competitively lightweight, we left one important thing in...INTEGRITY. In the race to be the lightest on the market, you can go too far. We didn’t. Our all-aluminum trailer WILL stand the test of time and WILL provide years of dependable service. When you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model, your used aluminum Reinke will be worth more, making it a sound investment and wise choice for owner operators and fleets alike.

Unique Beam Design

The three-piece tongue and groove main beam construction enables the welds to be made away from the critical stress area on the top and bottom flange. Therefore, the two-sided, full-length weld, does not compromise the integrity of the flange. This simple idea greatly improves the durability and dependability of the trailer.

We understand you have a choice when purchasing an all-aluminum trailer. Let one of our qualified dealers help you make the right choice. Check out an all-aluminum Reinke trailer today at a dealer near you.