Superior Design

Unique to Reinke trailers is the standard Reinke “Super Floor.” Still based on Richard Reinke’s original design, the “Super Floor” has proven itself to be one of the most widely praised floors available in the industry. Why is it different? Once again, it’s in the design. A combination of 1 3/8” Apitong wood, aluminum “hat sections” and 5/16” plated floor screws complete the floor composition.


Each floor board is cradled in a “hat section” the full lenghth of the floor. This takes the floor strength to yet another level. It greatly increases the floors durability by virtually eliminating “lateral movement” or “deflection” in the trailer floor. To complete the “Super Floor” we secure the Apitong and hat sections to our full 6” aluminum cross members and to our full 8” side rail.


The Apitong extends approximately 1/16” above the aluminum hat section to ensure the load is secured to the floor. This increases the safety of load securement, the safety of forklift traffic and the safety of someone walking on the floor. Other benefits include easy maintenance and low cost repairs when compared to aluminum floors. And finally, you’ve got nailers virtually wherever you need them.

The Reinke “Super Floor” is standard on all trailer models. We only offer our knurled aluminum floor as an option on our all-aluminum flatbed trailer.

Before you make your next trailer purchase, see a Reinke dealer near you for a closer inspection of the Reinke “Super Floor.”