The newly redesigned Reinke® Drop Deck Trailer... It's all yours.

You know the road and what it takes to get your cargo from here to there. You told us what you need in a drop deck trailer to get the job done, and we listened. With your feedback in mind, we took one of the best designs in the industry and made it better.

From big items like the stronger, more flexible drop connection to fine details like the dock bumper, the Reinke Drop Deck has been refitted, redesigned, and refined - all to meet your needs.

Even with these new updates, we've stayed true to the features that have always made the Reinke Drop Deck Trailer a masterpiece of form and function. The seemingly simple “s” design in the neck area of the trailer remains one of the trailer’s major assets. Our engineers designed a transition from upper to lower deck that is rugged. Eliminating the stress of 45-degree angles in the neck area allows the entire beam to work efficiently by preventing high concentrations of load stress. In short, the weight of the load is easily and evenly spread throughout the length of the beam. A bonus to this sleek design is low empty trailer weight. Want more payload? You get it with the Reinke drop deck.

Now, when you're pulling a Reinke Drop Deck Trailer, you're not just pulling the best in the industry - you're pulling a trailer that's truly all yours.

Reinke Drop Deck Trailer

Load Leveler Option

Redesigned drop connection

Redesigned Drop Connection:

Delivers increased strength and support at the lower deck joint and provides superior flexibility for free movement under heavy loads.

Refined wheel well

Refined Wheel Well

Creates a stronger full-length floor that is structurally sound and increases strength in the wheel well area.

Integrated winch rail

Integrated Winch Rail

Features a "Double-L" style winch track integrated into the side rail for ease in securing loads, and to help comply with securement regulations.